Thursday, 12 June 2014

Schumacher, Scalamandre and Robert Allen Fabric in Fabriccarolina

Schumacher Fabric
Schumacher fabric has been an industry staple of luxury textiles since 1889. They have brought elegance to countless homes and other interiors in their collections where only the finest quality will satisfy.

Schumacher collections feature numerous classic styles and designs, including fine silks, beautiful printed fabrics and European-influenced wovens, as well as an assortment of innovative modern designs. You will find these fabrics in the White House, the Chambers of the United States Supreme Court and countless distinguished residences and now, in your home too.

To make the finest luxury affordable, we offer Schumacher fabric sales on select products. You’ll have the gift of opulent living from our extensive warehouse of quality and timeless pieces at a price point you will love. Affordable, fine fabrics are at your fingertips with Schumacher fabric sale prices. You will swoon when you see how they have mastered the delicate harmony of superb quality and design.

Schumacher Fabric Abaza Resist Indigo 173952

Scalamandre Fabric

Scalamandre fabric has been a fundamental industry staple since for over 83 years. They have been tapped by some of American’s most extraordinary properties to enhance the historical prevalence of these fine locations. Historic restoration and cultural commissions abound with over 1,000 places of interest to be touched with the fine fabric and trims of Scalamandre. Some places of interest include: The White House, the U.S. Capitol, United States Treasury, Colonial Williamsburg, Wrightsman Galleries at Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Mansions of Newport, and the Metropolitan Opera House.

Fabric Carolina is pleased to carry Scalamandre and continue their legacy of traditional, historic, classic and contemporary designs creating luxurious, high-end fabrics and trims. We take esteemed pleasure to offer hundreds of discount fabric and trims of Scalamandre. Take a look and find your next inspiration.

Academy Cinnamon 36288-015 by Scalamandre Fabric

Robert Allen Fabric

Fabric Carolina proudly carries the highly distinguished Robert Allen Fabric brand in our collection. They have a longstanding reputation for being one of the world’s top to the trade fabric distributors for over 70 years. Our partnership allows us to provide you the best fabrics and patterns delivered to your door.

We offer discount Robert Allen fabrics in a multitude of designs, weights, shades and patterns. What is unique about this brand is its influence of fabric from various relevant and intriguing avenues including art, history, nature or architecture. Florals, stripes, plains, birds and trees are just a sampling of Robert Allen outdoor fabric and its natural influence by featuring creative and organic fabric colors in Avocado, Butter Rum, Curry and Mist.

Together, Fabric Carolina and Robert Allen discount fabric for the home, office or outdoors, is a name you can trust and rely on for quality and style.We are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality fabrics and customer service! We at Fabric Carolina can’t wait to help you start creating your dream home.

Abbeyleix Caviar by Robert Allen Fabric

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